Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

In my daily life, I regard myself as a curious student, someone who looks for creativity in unexpected places and I am passionate about developing myself emotionally through experiencing a deep connection with my body. The blogs I started writing here several years ago have started to converge more and more on a single theme for me around self-development. This brought me to commit myself to writing the book Celebrating Life.


For the past 3 years I have started every morning with a meditation. In my free time, I am a big fan of making ceramic sculptures, where I pour my creativity into raw mud and get to experiment and play. I also love to play guitar. Huge Led Zeppelin fan (but terribly bad in remembering the song names). I attend ecstatic dance sessions, talk-free parties where we dance bare-feet and without intoxication. These sessions are a reliable source of invaluable social skills for me! They are also a weekly source of spiritual experience to me, in addition to yoga. To stay fit, I do bouldering and climbing. I mix this up with high intensity interval training or other group trainings, to keep myself from getting too comfortable 🙂