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Celebrating life

I love to create!

I am a blogger and software developer, feel free to read the whole story. I try to live a life that is full in ambition and challenges, yet soaked in soft empathy to myself and the other.

Blog Posts

From week to week I discover new themes in my own self-development. In my blogs I try to share my insights in a way that empowers you! Feel free to hit me up or leave a comment.


What I blog about

My Story

Up until I was around 20 years old, I disliked it when people talked about mindfulness. I did not understand what people meant, when they talked about ‘getting grounded’ or the ‘energy’ in your body. All of that changed when I tried out some classes of mindfulness yoga.

I remember lying in the soft, diffuse light coming through the white curtains of an old school building. Our tutor asked us to do a slow mental scan through one side of our body. Once we did this for about 5 minutes, she asked us to feel the difference between the right and the left side of our body. I was amazed. All of that difference, all of that contact, was awakened by 5 minutes of focused attention? My curiosity was awakened.

The topics that I want to explore in this book revolve around bringing this physical feeling of aliveness into our everyday lives: What can we do to make ourselves feel proud to be a part of our society? How can we feel love and admiration for the impact that we have on the communities and people around us in day to day life? How can we craft our lives with all our activities, habits, ideas, experiences and animate connections in such a way that we feel connected to ourselves, to this world and to all the life around us? And most importantly: How can we live in a way that honors and celebrates the expression of life?

We all feel a need to contribute to life itself, but sometimes don’t know how. Does the mantra “eat, sleep, work, repeat” sound familiar? Getting ourselves through the next day can feel like a chore rather than a wonderful gift. We want to feel like we have an impact on the communities that we are a part of. Like we are doing something useful. We need connection to the people around us and we certainly need connection with ourselves. But instead, some days we find ourselves wishing for the day to be over. When we forget how to celebrate life, it starts feeling dull, repetitive and stressful.

Luckily, life does not need to be this way. We can find a way to Celebrate Life. Completely. Every minute of it. It’s possible to live in a constant deep connection with yourself. The sensation of cool wind on your skin. The feeling of a clenching belly as you are about to give that exciting presentation. Being fully in love with ourselves.

This is the blog that will guide you through the insights that allowed me to get closer to that life. The ideas that are still helping me develop every single day.

When I started diving into these ideas it transformed my life instantly. My connections with friends and family deepened and became more meaningful. In short, I started waking up to LIVE.

This life is available to anyone. The more conscious you can live, the more in connection with yourself and others you can be, the more life will speak to you. And this is not a feeling that wears off.